The philosophy of the restaurant La Rosetta is to use local ingredients km zero and very high quality.
The menu is adapted to the seasonality of products, always ensuring excellence and freshness.
For this reason, the Restaurant La Rosetta selects its suppliers with care and dedication in order to offer only the best products to its customers.
Our cuisine is based on traditional dishes of Perugia and Umbria, revisited with a modern twist.


Selection Of Rosetta

Etrusco Local Radical Meat

All our meats come from the biological farm Etrusco, in Colombella (PG).

Etrusco offers only local products, followed at all stages to ensure a process of short chain supply and self-sufficient, in order to protect animals and consumers.

The attention to the details and the attention to every nuance guidelines are essential, the only way permitted for meat certified Etrusco.

All the animals are raised on the farm itself, only local breeds in tune with the environment and fed with natural products strictly non GMO.

Molino Silvestri

The flour used in the restaurant for the production of all our fresh pastas come from Molino Silvestri, in Torgiano (PG). It is produced from the family's water mill located nearby the river Chiascio, following traditional methods handed down from generation to generation.

Silvestri flours are organic and are obtained by grinding the grain with natural millstones. Flour, in addition of being minced in purity, are stricly controlled in order to avoid any kind of additives (milk and derivatives, vitamins, preservatives, malt, etc.).

The flours are grounded following the characteristics of the individual grains or cereals and let sieved without altering the nutritional principles.