Unione Buon Ricordo

Association “Ristorante del buon Ricordo”

Since 1964 bearer of the best regional Italian cuisine

The Union of Good Restaurants I remember 50 years it promises a journey through the flavors and colors of Italian cuisine. Over one hundred signs enclosed under its brand, distributed from North to South of Italy, represent the best expression of Italian regional cuisine and draw a map of gastronomy and hospitality Made in Italy.

The Union of the Good Restaurants I remember is a long story, consolidated and glorious. In a happy and timely idea of ​​Dino Villani, a man of culture and master of communication (which among other things invented Miss Italy), she joined a group of quality restaurants with the aim of restoring the reputation and prestige of the many local expressions of Italian culinary tradition, at that little valued. It was the spring of 1964. Who was associated assumed the commitment to practice a range of typical local cuisine and always keep in paper, every day of the year, “a specialty” which was to be the most rigorous and exemplary representation.